Subterrestial Operational Theater Wiki

Doug Miller
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality American
Affiliation US Dept. of Homeland Security
Rank Senior Agent in Charge
Position Field Agent

Doug Miller is one of a number of Homeland Security agent charged with investigating and suppressing "Leaks", and as such has clearance to know about the Subterrestial Operations Theatre and Project: LONG STAIR. He has been contacted at least one by an unknown agent with infomation sourced from the UK's Looking Glass, though his clearance level does seem to permit him access to related intel on foreign SOT-related operations.


US Military[]

Miller is known to have served in the US Army, attending the Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning.

Federal Bureau of Investigation[]

At some point prior to his 37th birthday, Miller received an honourable discharge and joined up with the DoHS. It is possible given his military experience and the unit's deployment against above ground xenological threats that Miller is a current or former member of the elite Hostage Rescue Team operating under the auspices of the FBI.


Miller has a wife named Debbie, to whom he has been partnered for at least 19 years.

He has at least 1 son, named after himself. Doug Jr is physically imposing, described by one person as "a one-man demolition crew". He followed his father into the US Army and upon graduation he was transferred to the 1st Delver Operations Group as a 2nd Lieutenant. He is qualified as an Expert marksman.

Friends & Allies[]

His attachment to the civillian side of Project LONG STAIR and career up to that point has seen him make a number of interesting extra-national contacts in the field, including at least one member of the Russian military intelligence community and possibly similar ones in the UK community. This is suggestive of his spending some of his military service on deployment to Europe.

Lt. Martinet[]

Miller and Lt. Martinet first encountered each other at OCS during a period when both men were serving together in the army. That meeting was eventually to culminate in Martinet owing him a "big" favour over a matter that would prove ruinous to both men were it to be revealed. This marker was eventually called in when Doug Jr joined the 1st DOG, ensuring his son would have at least one highly comptent person watching his back.


Miller is known to possess at least 1 item of xenotech; a pair of gloves that allow the instantaneous readying of a weapon, including moving it from holster to hand, by instinctive thought alone.