Subterrestial Operational Theater Wiki

William Charles Jensen
Alias(es) Doc
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality American
Affiliation Project LONG STAIR
Position Head of Medical and Biological Research

Doctor Jensen was born in Reading Massachusetts on December 4th, 1968. He attended private schooling until graduating high school, then received his degree in Biology from Yale, then his MD from Harvard medical. He quickly came to the attention of government agents associated with Project LONG STAIR. His first position was an innocuous one, but his dedication to science and pragmatic attitude toward unusual new experiences lead him to eventually climb to his current position, senior member of scientific staff on Third Landing, and head of medical and biological research.

Today, Jensen -- called "Doc" by the rank and file -- maintains limited lab space on Third Landing, as well as more extensive space on Second Landing, space he rarely visits. Sporting his patented shaggy locks, he is usually found in his cramped Third Landing laboratory, testing new theories and examining new specimens.

Despite the disdain that most DOGs show most "eggheads," they tend to treat Jensen like their crazy uncle. Sure he's weird, but he's part of the family. Part of this is perhaps derived from the Doctor's tendency to point them toward new gear and to offer well founded advice, both of which promote their survival. Jensen uses his encyclopedic knowledge of available equipment to supply them with items they not only did not know existed, but which would be easily available if they were to ask for it.