Subterrestial Operational Theater Wiki

A list of official terms and slang expressions relating to the Dungeon.

Slang term for hybridization. Officially discouraged as "Adaptation has positive connotations lacking in the more sterile hybridization."
Bad Wolves
Independent operators of particular note, whose loyalty is to themselves or is as yet unknown.
Official term for the Dungeon in the U.S.
A portal into the Dungeon. Also a Gate.
A member of the Delver Operations Group. LONG STAIR personnell who routinely operate outside of the Landings.
A member of the Science Staff.
Slang for Sociofunctional Automatons (S.A.) also called warforged. Adapted from a Mexican gang term meaning "homeboy."

Express Elevator Upstairs

Euphemism for dying in the Basement. Catching the Express Elevator Upstairs is death by unnatural causes (via combat or other Basement phenomenon). Calling the Express Elevator Upstairs is suicide. Due to the horrific nature of many Basement xenofauna, field personnel are informally advised to save one bullet for themselves in the event that capture appears inevitable.


  1. A portal into the Dungeon.
  2. A Dungeon portal under the control of a national military.
Going Native
Hybridization. Also called adaptation.
Junkyard Dog
A member of the 2nd Delver Operations Group.
Any Dungeon phenomenon appearing on the surface. Refers to escaped xenofauna and illegal xenotech.
Little Green Bastards. The trap-setting subspecies of GURU known as gnomes. Widely hated by DOGs.
Private Incursion Groups. Catch-all classification of the various National (military or civil) and commercial programs run by those without access to their own breach.
Pink Slip
Sanctioned assassination of xeno-enhanced personnel and Dungeon natives, as well as mundane personnel via xenological means.
Member of an agency monitoring and controlling xenotech on the surface. Named for their job of finding and "plugging" (shooting) leaks.
The creation of a Gate.
Trap Door
A breach not under the control of a national military authority.
Slang term for Sociofunctional Automatons (S.A.). Robot-like soldiers for LONG STAIR created using xenofauna/xenotech. May be related to the Japanese robo suits.
Shorthand for anything related to the Dungeon. Adapted from the Greek for foreign which is used in official terminology.
Xeno spec
Dungeon expert or "xeno" specialist. A member of the XTT.
A member of the Xenohuman Terrain Team program. Also called xeno specs. A number of "backronyms" have been suggested. To date none have been widely accepted. They range from the pejorative "eXtremely Temporary Twits" to the somewhat more appreciative "eXtremely Twisted Talents."