Subterrestial Operational Theater Wiki

James Belmont
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality American
Affiliation Project LONG STAIR
Rank 2nd Lieutenant
Position 1st Delver Operations Group Commander

2nd Lieutenant James Belmont is currently Commander in charge of DOG Operations in the Basement theatre. In theory, this means he answers only to Major Jones, General Rutger, and the President, but in cruel reality he answers to Lt. Martinet, 2nd Lt. Miller, dozens of spooks, and most of the technical core.


Initially transferred to LONG STAIR from the Army as a Sergeant, he quickly climbed to Staff Sergeant, then to Second Lieutenant due to his leadership of K Squad and the capture of several high-value specimens. However, his climb is liable to end here, due to making enemies in all the right places. he dislikes Martinet and Chaplain Medeve's pushes towards religion in the ranks, and chafes under Miller's command.

He has engaged in joint operations with the Australian SAS, but aside from an unhealthy fetishization of the Fairburn-Sykes Combat Knife over all other close-combat weapons, he doesn't have any reliable links to anyone in that organization.


Belmont is strong friends with Dr. Braham and Dr. Jensen, and maintains a friendly relations with Sgt. Kaplan of K Squad and Sgt. Snow of Snake Squad.