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The L-Dorado Mining Corporation is a company with access to the The Dungeon. It has been revealed to be associated with the newly identified trap door currently codenamed IRON by Project: LONG STAIR, the only nation believed to be aware of the trap door's existence.

The corporation is headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina (one of the countries that Odessa channeled escaping Nazis to after World War II).


International Relations[]

An American operative, codenamed MUNCHKIN, is currently embedded in the company as a direct liason between Gunter and the highest echelon of Project: LONG STAIR command.

It is suspected that the company is a front used to export precious metals extracted through IRON into terrestial markets -- the two mines the company controls are heavily guarded, tightly maintained and located in areas convention wisdom holds there should be little chance of rich finds -- and import goods to New Thule