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The UK military project charged with operating within the Dungeon. Looking Glass was formed by a secret act of Parliament in early 1971. Its primary field HQ is located beneath Wenley Moor; initially under the cover of a facility belonging to the 11th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment but following an organisational restructuring of the UK Armed Forces, the site and its personnel will expanded and be redeployed oestensibly as part of the 24 Commando Regiment Royal Engineers


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Wenley Moor (Wonderland)[]

Originally an experimental nuclear power research centre attempting a novel means of converting nuclear energy directly into electric power through the use of a heavy customised cyclotron. Built into a network of caves beneath the Moor to increase both security and safety, the project -- codenamed Wonderland -- was brought online in 1970 but soon began encountering problems: power losses, psychological instability and breaches in site security. These disturbances ultimatly culminated in both a medical quarantine and a near meltdown that saw the abandonment of the project.

Subsequent investigation in the light the UK's knowledge of Project: LONG STAIR determined that the esoteric modification of the cyclotron had sufficently damaged the local space-time to form a breach to the Dungeon within the cave system surrounding the research centre. This resulted both in incidents of hybridisation that left the victims unable to function on a cognitive level Upstars, and incursion by hostile xenofauna that were subsequently expelled with extreme prejudice.

Following this investigation, the research centre was fortified and retasked as the UK equivalent of Landing 1; Looking Glass personnel continue to refer to the site itself as Wonderland.

Standard Operational Procedures[]

Project: LONG STAIR[]

Due to repeated procedural irregularities suggesting that they may have been compromised by unchecked hybridisation, American forces encountered in the Subterrestial Operations Theatre are no longer considered Friendly (Blue) and are hereby reclassified as Non-Friendly (Green). Do not Fraternise or Engage unless in extreme duress. Report all encounters to HQ.

Code Azure[]

Report all sightings of these rogue troopers immediately and do not attempt to engage. Be warned, they display signs of physical hybridization and utilize xenotech armour and weapons. It is believed they will not initiate hostilities but will return fire if attacked.