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Paul Martinet
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality American
Affiliation Project LONG STAIR
Rank 1st Lieutenant, United States Army
Position Training officer, 1st Delver Operations Group

Lieutenant Martinet is a legendary figure in LONG STAIR operations. There are countless weird rumors going around about him, only some of which he's aware. Though he has claimed there is some truth, he also professes an inability to explain why. What is known for sure is that time and again Martinet intentionally lies and purposely risks hybridization to save the lives of his troops.


A full Lieutenant is the US Army, Martinet is career military. He has passed through the OCS at Fort Benning, but details of any postings prior to assignment to the 1st Delver Operations Group are currently unknown.

It is considered highly unlikely he will ever achieve higher rank.



Sister, currently resident in Australia with her partner Tim Brand. It is unknown whether she had dual or singular citizenship.

Tim Brand[]

Tim Brand, a newly minted Captain in the Australian SAS is not only Martinet's brother-in-law, but having earnt the nickname "Phoenix" also enjoys an equivalent legendary figure within the Australian SAS. Prior to the establishment of WALKABOUT, they worked together as Lieutenants under the auspices of LONG STAIR, most recently during the TERRACOTTA mission. By all appearances they have a profound liking of and respect for each other.

Friends & Allies[]

Again in his own words, he's "still got a few friends in high places, but high places down here means different things than it does up there".

Doug Miller, Department of Homeland Security[]

Miller and Martinet first encountered each other at the Officer Candidate School in Fort Benning during a period when both men were serving together in the military. That meeting was eventually to culminate in Martinet owing him a "big" favour over a matter that would prove ruinous to both men were it to be revealed. The marker was eventualy called in when Martinet was asked to take personal care of Miller's son Doug Jr, newly deployed to the 1st DOG.


His skills, performance and the loyalty he inspires in his men have paradoxically made him a suspicious figure in the eyes of higher command. In his own words, "The brass hates me and thinks I'm nuts, so they put extra security on me - translation, twice as many debriefings, no xenotech, all the new experimental (re: failure prone) kit".

It is suspected, despite no evidence, that he has "gone native" (hybridized) or is otherwise untrustworthy. His medical records, which are classified, note that his physical performance is comparable to 'native' human inhabitants of the Basement. His penchant for hoarding useful xenotech also contributes to this disquiet by his superiors.

Political opponents have nicknamed him "Bill Brasky" after a sketch on Saturday Night Live. In the sketch, drunken salesmen make increasingly absurd toasts to the achievements of an unseen coworker named Brasky.