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冥府 – míngfŭ: the Dark Mansion

Named for one of the more poetic references to the Chinese afterlfe, the Peoples' Republic of China operate their Dungeon incursions from a department of the Peoples Army, rather than an intelligence agency, unlike most of the West. SOP calls for significantly more aggression while on mission.

They are believed to be attempting to push beyond fourth landing, a supposition supported by anecdotal evidence from the few contacts USA DOG units have provided. As would be expected from such deep delving, PRC units 100% shoot first, ask questions later.



This small portal is located deep beneath the Jokhang Temple. Its discovery by Chinese spies — in the wake of an incident involving a suspected xenofauna or xenomethodological assault on the Detsen Monastery in the 1920s — is the seed from which the PRC's invaion of Tibet springs. Asset transfer to the Dungeon is conducted under the cover of the Lhasa Uprising and subsequent suppression of native Tibetians.

Jokhang's original nom de plume of The House of Mysteries suggests to some Chinese scholars that the Dungeon may have breached Earth's reality as far back as the early 7th Century AD. This is particularly worrying as it means that either breaches occur naturally or worse that sapient xenofauna within the Dungeon are able to break through on their own.


The PRC established their first and only artificial breach into the Dungeon on July 28 1976, an event that the came to know as Great Tangshan Earthquake. Conceived and executed in absolute secrecy, cover stories were seeded in the lead up to the detonation; much to their horror, the lie about an imminent earthquake turned out to be true. The intended detonation was instead enacted as an aftershock.

Though the loss of life and property was exceedingly high, the tragedy allowed the rebuilding of Tangshen to incorporate a number of support mechanisms for Mingfu to be created essentially in plain sight of the other Dungeon-capable nations who to this day have no idea this portal exists.

Recovered Xenotech[]

First Emperor's Tomb[]

Although counterintelligence assets have carefully spread misinformation to the contrary, the tomb has no direct contact with the Dungeon. The site — specificially the (secretly opened) tomb of the Emperor — however has displayed a disconcerting amount of focused Fortean activity. This has been most noteable in the recovery of the Death Mask, but recently the geometry of the tomb itself is beginning to display discrepencies with its terrestial dimensions.

The Death Mask of the First Emperor[]

An ornately decorated mask that allows the wearer to kill with a gaze. As the name implies, recovered from arcaeological excavation of the site of the First Emperor's tomb.

Sphere of Anihilation[]

A black sphere that floats in space, which completely destroys anything which touches it. Used against the Russian base at Tunguska, a fact uncovered by Project: LONG STAIR's hybridised decryption of secure PRC transmissions.