Subterrestial Operational Theater Wiki

Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality American
Affiliation None
Rank Private 1st Class, US Marine Corps (Former)
Position Xenotech smuggler
Distinctive Features Multiple independent but allied duplicates exist, assumed to number at least 40+

Ex-Private First Class Ratoslov is a smuggler and "gun" runner, selling stolen xenotech to whoever will buy it. Wanted by several governments and their intelligence agencies -- in particular the US Department of Defence from which he defected -- Ratoslov's greatest claim to infamy is his literally being a one man army: he is known to have an unknown number of fully aware clones of himself that at one stage numered at least sixty; attritious since then has reduced the presumed minimum to around 40.


PFC Ratoslov was by all accounts an average individual when he enlisted in the US Marine Corps. The standard battery of psych tests indicated he was suitable for a posting to the Dungeon as a member of the 1st Delver Operations Group. At some point thereafter, he began smuggling xenotech and came to the attention of the authorities. In an attempt to catch his contacts on the outside, he was left under observation.

Duplication Door[]

Following the discovery of a Dungeon trap that identically duplicated its victim down to the smallest detail, Ratoslov's unit TC-09 was sent to investigate it further, with a full (and very valuable) technical sensor package. When his team did not return, a full complement of recon, research and assault DOG teams were sent out a day later to retrieve them.

The mission discovered the bodies of the other members of TC-09, apparantly murdered by their team mate, and the trap itself destroyed. They also encountered some 150 versions of Ratoslov himself -- 60 living and 90 dead one. The clone troopers opened fired immediately upon the approach of their would-be rescuers, injuring seven and killing one.

Though several more of Ratoslov's clones were killed, many more managed to escape deeper into the Dungeon.

The Vancouver Incident[]

A significant shipment of smuggled goods from the American basement operation was expected by several parties to reach a railyard in Vancouver; though each party assumed that they were alone in expecting said shipment, the smugglers, a Mafiya group, were intending an auction. A number of intelligence operatives surveiling the occasion were also in play.

A shoot-out started when it became obvious there was a double cross in play; maybe a third of the attendees were killed or captured. One copy of Ratoslov was amongst those detained -- and not for the first time by this point -- while a second clone was spotted escaping.

The Sydney Incident[]

Ratoslov most recently attempted to set up a deal with the Indonesian consulate in Sydney, presumably for items smuggled out through Labyrinth. However, before the transaction could be carried out, an unknown woman identified by WALKABOUT only as Codename: Blue killed all the clones present using teleportive combat techniques. The reason for the evident hostility between the two is at this stage unknown.