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Leading the Indian team was "the Indian Einstein" a polymath attached to BARC in Mumbai known only as The Surgeon. The team met with disaster and The Surgeon returned changed, either due to extreme hybridization or replacement by a xenofauna species unknown to LONG STAIR.

The Surgeon convinced the Indian government that he was the best qualified individual to manage delving operations and he was given funding, personnel and almost unlimited authority over the Indian project. Observers attached to the project gave him lavish praise and The Surgeon's tight control over information and personnel movement gave the Indian government few other insights. A slow but steady stream of xenotech and scientific discoveries allowed The Surgeon to manage the Indian project as an essentially private (and inhuman) operation for many years.

While The Surgeon claimed such secrecy was necessary to protect the nation, a cabal within the government grew suspicious and many efforts were launched to determine The Surgeon's true loyalty. Contacts from the Brazilian operation (who were violently opposed to The Surgeon for unclear reasons, though their Drow allies are suspected) fueled those suspicions.

Eventually even a xenotech equipped genius like The Surgeon was unable to continue his deception. The Indian National Security Guards (aka Black Cats) recently retook the Pokhran facility in a horrific battle. The Surgeon managed to escape justice and is now believed to be working for the Chinese program.

RUMINT on The Surgeon[]

The Indians have some twisted surgeon they got below. Descriptions are a bit sketchy, but they all seem to agree he has tentacles around his mouth. He seems to be 'improving' their troops with his operations. Not all of them are successful, and the failures have their brains eaten.

The Brazilians and their allies are after this guy something serious. The Drow or what the hell ever they're called want his ass, alive, dead, whatever. They're offering up a horde of xenotech for his head. The Brazilians have put out feelers and will pay cold hard cash for it, since they feel they can negotiate the best deal.

Tibet Hit[]

[ Begin satellite feed archive ]

Eye-in-the-sky on ancillary PRC base in Tibet, the one with the dragon. The surgeon is standing there out in the open.

Couple hundred yards outside the perimeter, there's a muzzle flash. [ Analysis: 20mm anti-tank gun ] Two frames after the flash, subject's head is gone. A chunk of tentacle lands ten yards away. HBody collapses in a pool of internal fluids.

Signs of the shooter retreating, no body heat. [ Analysis: Brazilian elf utilizing "iceblood" xenotech ]

A couple minutes go by. Everybody on the base is running around in panic. Coming up on the end of the observation window, the Surgeon's arm kind of twitches. He props himself up, stands, and starts staggering toward cover.

[ End archve ]

[ Analysis: Re-think the whole "a head shot confirms the kill" policy ]