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The Australian Dungeon exploration command, a joint effort conducted by the Australian Defence Forces and the newly minted Australian Sub-Terrestrial Research Agency (formerly a branch of ASIO). Previously classified as a PIG, as of 2008 WALKABOUT has become a Trap Door-level operation after gaining access to what may be the world's oldest access point, located somewhere near Uluru.


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Sub-Terrain Assault Soldiers[]



South Australia (Rainbow Serpent's Lair)[]

This access point to the Dungeon, located in the state's upper western corner, has for thousands of years been known only to a small clan belonging to the Pitjatjanjara people. Though acting as advisors to WALKABOUT almost since its inception, it was only in return for a public apology to what has been dubbed the "stolen generation" that they revealed the existance of the portal and permitted its use by the Australian authorities.

Passage between the surface and the Dungeon may only be effected through the use of what ASTRA's scientists are terming xenomethodology: oral tradition dating back thousands of years indicates the rituals were taught to the clan by xenoterrestial agency. However, the extreme age of these rituals seems to have removed any memetic threat they may have once posed.

Surprisingly, the immediate subterrestial environs of Rainbow Serpent's Lair are relatively benign, serving mainly as habitat to the descendants and offshoots of megafauna long extinct on the surface. Though sapient homid xenofauna is known to visit the area, they've shown little inclination to reveal their presence to, or otherwise interact with, humans.

Standard Operational Procedures[]

Project: LONG STAIR[]

Though gaining access to our own portal has meant a rethinking of operational procedures and priorities, we remain the Americans' staunchest ally and do not forsee this changing for any time to come even if for no other reason than if we get in trouble it'll probably be them who help bail us out.

If you encounter a DOG squad in need of assistance, render all possible aid -- especially if they've eyeballed you first. This directive may be ignored on the senior officer's discretion only on missions designated Black or Ultraviolet.


Though capture and interrogation is preferable, clearance is given to terminate the little rat fuck son of a bitch if he even looks like endangering WALKABOUT personnel. All xenoartifacts are to be confiscated and turned over to ASTRA for evaluation.

The Americans are to be notified only about the fact a Ratoslov was encountered. Any and all mention of recovered xenoartifacts is classified "Eyes Only" and not to be dissemenated to foreign operatives without the express authority of WALKABOUT Command.