Subterrestial Operational Theater Wiki

Artifacts discovered in the STO are known to exhbit properties in excess of their terrestrial counterparts. In some cases demonstrating abilities that would normally be described as "magical" if that was not a word very heavily frowned upon. These artifacts are collectively described as xenotech.


Berserking Sword
Fire Dust
Murdoc's Revolver

Wondrous Items[]

Circlet Of Blasting
Deck Of Many Things
Eyes Of Petrification

Hand of Glory[]

OBJECT: Hand of Glory.

FOUND: 3/06, in a public market in New Dehli.

DESCRIPTION: An inhuman hand, somewhat resembling a waxy, desicated left hand. However, it has an extra digit and the skeletal structure is wrong.

EFFECT: It was used by a gentleman we are currently researching. Found him after hearing reports of people being "frozen" and then their belongings being stolen. When he found him, the subject had actually removed his hand and attached the object in its place. When pointed at us (the hand seemed to be functional), it appears that gravity increased by a factor of 8. It also caused the man to bleed from the eyes and the ears. When pressed, he attempted to increase its abilities, but apparently failed to control it--the man suddenly smashed down into a fairly disgusting mess. Science wing is assuming the gravities were at least 60 G's on the mass for at least a quarter-second. The hand was not affected by this.

((**Billings: We have to figure out why half of these things we keep finding have at least some connection to mythology. Is this just luck, or has this happened before?))

The Death Mask of the First Emperor[]

An ornately decorated mask that allows the wearer to kill with a gaze. As the name implies, recovered from arcaeological excavation of the site of the First Emperor's tomb.

Sphere of Annihilation[]

A black sphere that floats in space, which completely destroys anything which touches it. Used against the Russian base at Tunguska, a fact uncovered by Project: LONG STAIR's hybridised decryption of secure PRC transmissions.